I still find each session as exciting as my first. I believe that passion and creativity enables me to create beautiful and timeless images to be enjoyed for years to come.


Hi, I am Maxine. I am a wife and mother of two gorgeous children ages 8 & 6. I am a professional photographer based in Newlands Pretoria, specialising in Maternity, Newborn and baby photography.

My photography journey began when I was a little girl and loved paging through albums and albums of family pictures. And the best part was learning about the stories as their memories were jolted by a simple picture. These pictures were more than just milestones of the families history, they were a visual record of the love, pride and joy the family shared. 
As time past like many of you, I loved taking pictures of our lives and families. But when my daughter was born, I don't remember much as time passed by in such a blur, but my cousin (a professional photographer) insisted we take my daughters newborn photographs soon after birth. The pictures came out perfect in every way, they captured emotion that spoke to me and connected with me. They caught her angelic expressions and delicate features. I loved the experience and will cherish it forever. 

I invite you to allow me to try and capture these precious memories for you that you too will cherish them forever. Take a look around and get a better feel for my work and if you like what you see, please get in touch. I hope to meet you and your family very soon.