"Sometimes you may never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory" - Dr Suess



about my newborn sessions

Newborn sessions are photographed in the morning hours in my Newlands, PTA, studio typically before baby is 2 weeks old. Here I have complete access to my props, backdrops and equipment as well as control over the light and the climate. This allows me to guarantee that the session will be able to go on as planned, without any outside factors to prevent me from shooting the session.

I provide full wardrobe & props for the newborn. I will capture posed images of your little one and go through my workflow. If you have any special images you would like me to capture or you have a special theme you would like me to include, please be sure to let me know prior to your session so I can include it. The session usually takes up to a maximum of four hours to complete, or it may be done is two hours as it is completely led by baby. You will not be rushed as the safety of your little one is my first priority.

I limit the number of photo sessions I book each week to ensure I am able to give each family my undivided attention throughout their experience with my studio. Newborn sessions, in particular, are best booked in advance, most families secure their newborn session while they are still in their second trimester. Most fathers can take advantage of paternity leave.




When is the best time to photograph a newborn? 
My newborn sessions are usually held within the first two weeks of the newborns arrival. Babies are a lot more receptive to being moved and dressed in different ways at this stage. So it ensures we get many beautiful sleepy poses. Please contact me during your second trimester to book your session so I can pencil your due date in and then once your little one is here we will work out the best date.  Because newborn sessions can take up to four hours I only book them Monday to Friday and all newborn sessions start at 8:30am. I only ever book in one newborn session a day so there is no rushing your baby.

Do you work on weekends?
Newborn Photoshoots are only done Mon - Fri, as the weekends are booked up with maternity and baby sessions. 

Do you have experience photographing newborns safely?
I have been photographing newborns for four years now. (350 babies and counting) I have attended numerous on line and in person workshops and courses on a continuous basis. I have been trained to handle and pose your baby safely. I practice safe posing techniques and put the comfort and safety of your baby first. For more information on safety within the newborn photography industry please visit the BANPAS website.

Will a flash harm my baby?
Absolutely not, I have never witnessed a baby react to the flash, asleep or awake. The light that is emitted from my studio equipment is no brighter than that which comes through your window at home on a bright overcast day.

Do I need to bring props with me?
There is no need to bring any props or accessories as I have a large variety of fabrics, outfits, bonnets, headbands and accessories to help style your session. However if there is something special you wish to bring along, by all means do. Once you have booked your session, I will send through an information pack to you which will help assist you on items to bring with for the session.  

How long will the session take?
Each session is different, some newborns sleep straight through their session and the session will be shorter, but most do not. You should allow for around 4 hours which gives us time to for feeding baby, breaks for crying, messy accidents (they do happen) and different prop set ups. 

What must I wear?
I recommend a simple classic apparel that reflects your style. I encourage everyone to dress in white or black (Please no branded or pattern shirts!).

When will I see the images?
I will first post a sneak peak image on my Facebook page within 72 hours. Then 2-4 weeks after your session you will be emailed a link to a private gallery where you can view then order your images. Final payment is then made and your products ordered.

Can I purchase products from you? 
Yes, once you have selected your favourites from your gallery you may then contact me and we can discuss what keepsake you would like to order. 

How do I book a Newborn Photoshoot?
You may send me a message from my contact page and I will email you back as soon as possible with more information. Or you may contact me directly on my cell, I may not answer as I may be busy with a little one, but I will get back to you as soon as I can.